January 28, 2005

Time to make topic suggestions

While I did think there might be interest in a resource such as this, I am a bit overwhelmed by the emails and comments I've received expressing enthusiasm for The Macintosh Biblioblog. Let me say with earnestness, when you do email or comment, please give suggestions for subjects/questions to cover. I haven't posted in nearly a week (recovering from surgery), but have much to add in time. I have been postponing a thorough review of word processors, mostly to let the impact of Pages settle in. There is some news with Pages and OpenOffice that we need to share soon. The first major project will be a series on Unicode Greek/Hebrew, from introduction to input methods, to conversion. If you have Unicode questions, be sure to give them now, that I may incorporate them into the posts. Finally, I wanted to say thanks to the Bibliobloggers out there, for your warm reception as well. Some of you I have met personally or know from other online forums. As I looked around, I saw that many of us were using the same template scheme... in shock I quickly customized the Mac Biblioblog a bit... you could say I've begun to "Mac-ify" it.


Anonymous said...

Hope you're improving after your surgery Joe. You say you have 'customised' the template for Mac Biblioblog - the effect of your colour scheme changes is that I'm finding it hard to see the links over at the right hand side of the screen because they are in plae colours against a plae background - I'm using Internet Explorer 5.1.3 on OS 9.1, so I suspect I'm far from unusual in this.


Steve W

Joe Weaks said...

Steve, thanks for the feedback. I'm a little bit puzzled, though. You say the sidebar has a "plae" color to it? Do you mean "pale"? Anyhow, the primary sidebar is in fact the only text area whose color scheme I have not touched at all. It is exactly as what came in the default template. It is supposed to be a dark blue background with light gray-blue text and light and darker green links. *shrug*