January 17, 2006

Adding a Mac to the Windows-based Network in Your Office

Are you one of those Mac-loving professors or ministers working in an office whose network runs on a Windows server? Often, your tech support person is resistant to you having a Mac in your office. Here is a splendid article by a network administrator with tips regarding adding a Mac to a Windows-based network.

It makes a nice complement to the most thorough resource for inter-OS setups, macwindows.com.

In a blog post a year ago, I also shared a couple other similar resources. Apple has a page on Networking, and iFelix has posted several articles on various issues regarding put your Mac on a Windows network. These resources alone should convince your tech support folks that they have nothing to worry about.

Now, which Mac do I want to pine for in 2006 to put in my office?


hotmop said...

the #1 site for Mac/Windows integration is...

Joe Weaks said...

I have macwindows bookmarked, and meant to include it when I penned a draft of this post 2 months ago, but then somehow neglected to put it on. Thanks for mentioning the omission. I've updated the post.