May 08, 2006

Apple's 10 Quick Maintenance Tips

Apple just published a new info document in their support section entitled Mac Maintenance Quick Assist. It has ten beginner-type tips for keeping your Mac running well. In sum, they are:

  1. Use auto software updates
  2. Keep your desktop clean
  3. Name folders and files as they're created
  4. Archive old files when not needed
  5. Run Disk Utility to repair disk permissions regularly
  6. Backup, backup, backup
  7. Even though it never crashes, still restart your Mac every now and then to give it a fresh start
  8. Don't be totally ignorant of virus-like baddies
  9. Optimize your Hard Drive once a year
  10. Clean the computer exterior & keyboard a bit.
These all struck me as good beginner-type tips.

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