June 06, 2006

Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit Date Set for Kansas City

The Kansas City Star has an article reporting the official announcement that our Union Station will host a travelling Qumran scrolls exhibit, Feb. 8 to May 13. I still plan on taking a group from our church, but whew, $20? (I better get the tour guide rate.) The collection is described as:

In addition to pieces of six original scrolls, there will be replicas of four others, and more than 100 scroll-related artifacts such as pottery and coins.
It won't be as exciting as spending the day that Shrine of the Book scrolls exhibit in Jerusalem, or when I spent a day climbing in and out of caves in Qumran (It was Friday afternoon and not a soul around all day.), but it should be worth the trip and even the cash.

Kudos to KC. Update: See my review here.

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