September 20, 2006

Ottobib - Web-based bibliography formatter

Ottobib is a new, simple bibliography formatter. From Jason Clarke's review:

Ottobib is a site that allows you to simply type in the ISBN number of a book that you need to reference, then choose the style that the bibliography must be written in, and it spits back your fully formatted bibliography. Simple as that.
Ultimately, it has limited use. We don't tend to keep our booklists as lists of ISBN numbers. And the database is rather small. I tried out first the closest book on my desk, Hoffmann, et al's "Documenta Q, Q22:28,30" to no avail. It did find one book on my desk, Kloppenborg's "Q Parallels". The Chicago result was:
Kloppenborg, S., John. Q Parallels. Sonoma, Calif.: Polebridge Press, 1988.
Also, it currently includes styles MLA, APA, AMA, and Chicago/Turabian (and no SBL, of course). However, this is simply one step towards increase ready-to-hand bib info. The day will come when I type a book author and title, and then select and hit a menu item and voila!
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