February 17, 2007

Importing HTML files into Accordance

If you are a frequent user of Accordance, then you definitely need to be a frequent reader of the Accordance Blog, run by David Lang of OakTree software. He demos features thoroughly, and in a helpful manner. And I'm delighted to see that he's about to address an issue that I have failed to get them to address for years.

We all have our own list of features we'd like to have added to the software that we love, but I never use this platform as a way of loudmouthing pressure on the OakTree folks to give my wishlists a priority. They are, after all, only my priorities and not anyone else's. However, I've long thought the tagged importing of User Tools carried incredible potential for the attractiveness of their software and I was sad when they implement the html import feature by implementing it almost. A small number of html tags were supported, and worse, they never released a support document saying which html tags were supported. For years now, the best we've had is a sample html document I put together that folks keep asking for that shows how tags do and don't get converted. (You can find the Accordance Import Sample html document here; just download it and import it and have a look at the results.)

Well, David is about to make all this better now. Finally, I can hold my breath. :)

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David Lang said...

Oh sure, no pressure!