September 14, 2007

Online Critical Pseudepigrapha Not Yet Mac Friendly

Original post (but see the recant below):

Jim Davila shares that an SBL Publications e-mail recently announce that the The Online Critical Pseudepigrapha now is more Mac-friendly.
Mac-Friendly Reader Interface
Mac users will be glad to hear that documents in the Online Critical Pseudepigrapha are now presented in an upgraded reader interface that is fully compatible with the Safari web browser as well as with Internet Explorer and Firefox.
The project, if you're not familiar with it is one whose goal is "is to develop and publish electronic editions of the best critical texts of the "Old Testament" Pseudepigrapha and related literature."

However, as Ed Cook points out, the site still does not work with Safari. I normally use Firefox so did not notice this immediately. It is bad form for a misleading notice to have been released.

Update: Thanks to Ken Penner, who works on the project, and leaves a comment confirming what I had suspected. The project works in the public beta version of Safari 3. Good for them for making the efforts, but that version of Safari is in beta. The announcement that went out should not have mentioned working with Safari at all, perhaps unless it made quite clear that it only works with a new, buggy, beta version of Safari. In a month's time, though, we'll have the new OS and Safari 3 will be in release version and all will be well.


EMC said...

If it's Mac-friendly, I haven't noticed it. My safari doesn't show any texts at all at this site.

Ken Penner said...

Upgrade to Safari 3.