November 10, 2007

Watch Accordance Training DVD in Full Screen

I've been watching the Accordance Training DVD lately. The videos are well done and I'd recommend them to new and old users alike.
However, I prefer to watch videos in fullscreen mode, utilizing the screen real estate my beautiful iMac grants me. So, don't forget you can search out each file in turn and open them in Quicktime and view as full screen.

But who wants that hassle? So to make it easier, I whipped up this little utility app:

Accordance Training DVD Fullscreen Viewer

Just pop your DVD in (or copy the movie files to your hard drive), and run the app. It presents you with a simple Table of contents and a click (or arrow key and return) to view the chapter you select, in beautiful FULL SCREEN no less.


Rick said...

Thaks for this! I used it tonight—works great, and looks good on my flat panel display.

Debra said...

Joe, I like the idea of this, but when I click it asks me to choose which file to watch (in Finder), and I'm not sure what to choose - nothing I've tried works so far. Thanks.