March 23, 2008

B-Greek Search Bookmarklet

I previously made available a Dashboard Widget to facilitate searching the rich archives of the Biblical Greek Email Listserv. For the sake of my PC-using fellow Hellenes, here is what I think could be an even better way of searching the archives--a bookmarklet.

By dragging the bookmarklet into the bookmark bar of your browser, you can click on it to quickly jump to a custom B-Greek search page. However, it includes the additional features:

  • If you first highlight a search string in the current browser window, it will search for that string in the B-Greek archives.
  • It returns results from the newer and older archives (pre- and post-1998)
To use the bookmarklet, just drag this link into the bookmark bar on your browser:

B-Greek Search

Have a look at a results page: You can see the "B-Greek Search" item on the bookmark bar. See how, for instance, I could be viewing the results of my previous search shown in the image above, and becoming interested in TON KOSMON--well, I can then highlight the term and click the bookmarklet to search once more.

As for Bookmarklets: This little project has got me thinking what other web resources we use in scholarly/biblical work would be handy to be able to search by highlighting text in a web browser window followed by a single click. Perhaps someone may have suggestions.

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Steve Walton said...

You might like to have a look at the Tyndale browser toolbar which David Instone-Brewer has produced, which brings lots of suitable resources together. Only drawback for Mac users is that it only works with Firefox on the Mac, and not Safari. See