April 26, 2008

The Search for the Right Mac Setup in the Office

I'll be moving into a new office this summer, and it already has me thinking about the new desk and how I want to setup my MacBook on the desk. Using a laptop as your main desktop as well complicates matters.
Things I know:

  • The MacBook will be the computer
  • I'll place an external display as well (19" probably)
  • I want an external keyboard and mouse involved in ergonomic locations
  • My phone cradle is a must
  • I want to minimize plugins, so I'll have a USB hub cable, an ethernet cable, a power cable all in place.
A first question is whether I want the MacBook display below and in front of the external, or do I want it lifted up on an elevator.

I find it helpful to look at Mac desk setups for ideas. A printer-cartridge company pointed me to their recent photo gallery of Mac setups: 25 of the Best Home & Office Mac Setups.

A great way to get ideas is to scan some of the many Flickr photo pools.


Peperkorn said...

I've used a 19th inch external with my Macbook for a year now, and have been very happy with it.


greg said...

Thanks for the links- I'm need to move our office soon, and I've been using that as an excuse to alter the setup. It's hard because it really is a multi-purpose situation: study, music recording/mixing, and design. Too much stuff to fit in.

Justin Mathew said...

<> Can someone please help. I'm in the search for the perfect mac setup for me. I recently got the quad core (i5) imac and need to make my room/office a little for organized and professional. I have an extra mono]iter lying around, but I have absolutely no ideas. My budget is under $100 cad. Thanks. Please email all ideas to justinmathew34@hotmail.com thanks