May 26, 2008

Accordance 8.0 Is Here With More Powerful Searches

Accordance 8.0 is here. It looks like our old Accordance in most ways, but there have been many changes under the hood. I'm most thrilled to now have a Universal Binary that runs with less system resource on Intel Macs. Other fantastic features are:

  • the [ANY]  tag, letting you search for, say, case across adjectives, nouns, participles, etc.
  • the [FUZZY] search, which will help me find those verses where I kinda know how it goes.
  • the new [INFER] command which opens many doors for searching inter-textuality.
  • the new text customizations, including spacing, text color and background color.
  • draggable panes (though I don't care for the look of the new horizontal text panes).
  • and perhaps my favorite new feature... greater Unicode compatibility! You can paste Unicode text into a search box and it automagically gets converted to the Accordance font schemes. This renders my own Unicode to Helena converters needless, unless you're still wanting to do bible/user tool creation based on Unicode texts.
All in all, there's much here to make many happy. Do yourself a favor and check out the video demoing the new search capabilities.

Way to go, Accordance!

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