January 07, 2009

New iWork '09

Apple this week announced the new version of IWork, their word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software bundle. We have previously discussed the medial place Pages has played as a word processor for doing biblical writing. It does have some unicode Hebrew support even. However, I think I've finally found a version of iWork that I'll be purchasing. The new addition of Applescript support is the deal breaker for me.

I'll be interested to see more reports and reviews on Pages '09 and Numbers '09.


kabing said...

I'm thinking about getting iWork '09, too, although for different reasons. The Mac Box Set appeals to me. That would let me upgrade to Leopard and to iLife '09 for less that the two separately and iWork would be thrown in "for free."

I've been happy enough with NeoOffice to not feel the need to pay for iWork, but I wouldn't mind getting it in the boxed set. I've long been aware that if I got serious about presentations I would want Keynote. And I still occasionally use Appleworks for making certificates, etc. Presumably Pages could fill that role for me.

I'm probably going to wait a bit, though, there always seem to be bugs/problems upon initial release.

philomath said...

When I first read about AppleScript support, I immediately thought of you!

Danny Zacharias said...

I can't believe unicode right-to-left is still not supported. It is a real shame. And I really hope the Endnote integration can be utilized by Mac bib.managers like Bookends and Sente.