November 17, 2009

Accordance to Pages Citation Paster Updated

I've added some options to the Accordance to Pages Citation Paster. All of these new options can be changed by opening the script and altering a property value. Version 0.9 includes:

  • Removal of trailing whitespace (carriage returns, spaces) from copied text
  • Return insertion point to the body text after inserting footnote
  • Can set script to manually fix the font name/size of the text pasted into the body
  • Can optionally choose to Paste and Match Style in Pages
It's available in the downloads section.


Ute & Christian said...

sweet! works better.

revision29 said...

Wow, I am really impressed with release. It pretty much fixes the little "issues" that I had with the initial release such as returning back to the insertion point. Great work!