August 13, 2012

Office for Mac 2014 to be the Next Release?

The new Microsoft Office for for Windows is still slated to arrive at the end of this year. But the big news for Office for Mac this summer is that when the new Windows Office is released, they will also release an update to Office for Mac 2011 that will bring the new cloud service to Office for Mac 2011.
The Next Web received a clarification from Microsoft:
When the new Office launches, we’ll deliver an update to Office for Mac 2011. With this update, Office for Mac licenses can count as part of your Office 365 Home Premium subscription. You will also be able to use SkyDrive and/or Office 365 to save and access all your documents from your Mac. Note that we’ve not announced any branding for future versions of Office for Mac.
This feels even later to the game than iCloud. If you're using Dropbox (and if you're not, why not?), then are you really going to move to Microsoft's solution? There is speculation on what additional features will be brought to Office for Mac 2011 in this update. The question then, is what will be the update schedule for a new major release. Will we see Office for Mac 2014, and will it include the elusive Unicode right to left support that drives so many of us away?


anthonydavis said...

This software release on 2014.

Office Management Software

Michael Bateman said...

Can you believe that PivotCharts were taken out of Office 2011? What is up with that. Whenever the next version comes out, let's hope in general that they try to improve upon the product. Simply changing the look and feel while completely hiding features and secretly omitting others so you have to spend a week learning a new program doesn't count.