September 30, 2012

Using Accordance Automation

I hope to post some video tutorials soon for the newly added Accordance Automation Script Library on using the:

  • Services
  • Quicksilver Actions
  • Word Plugin

Let me know if installation has had any problems. One issue, is that the need for some to allow Access for Assistive Devices got left out of the new documentation.

Go to System Preferences, the Accessibility panel. Make sure you have selected "Enable access for Assistive Devices".
This allows the script library to select menu items and put text in search boxes in Accordance.


Rick Bennett said...

I get a 'runtime error 5' when I try to use the Word plugin. Any tips to help?

Joe Weaks said...

Hi, Rick,

Are you sure you put the Accordance Script Library in the ~/Library/Scripts/ folder?

When you get the runtime error 5 dialog, click "Debug" button and does it open the VBA editor and highlight which line it's breaking on?
You may have to manually open the .dotm file in Word to unlock looking at the macros. Once you put the .dotm file in the startup folder it becomes a locked Global Template.

Rick Bennett said...

d'oh. user error! For some reason I assumed the Word plugin would work independently of the Scripts (hadn't taken time to customize ones I wanted). I now installed them (customizing for the NIV11-GK) and all is good. Thanks!