April 01, 2017

Clergy Robe with a Handgun Pouch - Have I Now Seen Everything?

I've been looking for a clergy robe that looks better without a tie, and was very surprised to come across this, a preacher's robe with a designated pouch for carrying your gun:

When I did my SBL paper last year on the use of NT passages by Evangelical Christian national leaders when advocating for gun carry, I encountered stories of several ministers who not only went on record as carrying a gun daily, but thought it their vocation to encourage others to carry a gun.
But a preaching robe designed for carrying a gun while leading in worship on Sunday morning? Could it be that prevalent? How big could the market be for this? I guess they've sold some, since the description mentions it just came (back?) in stock today of all days.

I'm not saying that now I've seen everything… but this sure gets me closer.

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Jason Jones said...

Ordering one today.