November 19, 2005

Here at SBL

Here at SBL (Saturday) Well I am here. I made it. I missed my 6 a.m. flight (who wouldnt?), so they put me on the next flight which was non-stop so I ended up landing in Philly earlier than I would have otherwise. As such, I was able to make the gathering of internet-active, email list types. The annual group photos were taken, & I learned about a listserv Ive never even heard of. Highlights so far have been: Overhearing great conversation over lunch. So often thats the case-no? Carolyn Osieks presidential address where she spoke of ancient texts, historical faith interpretation, modern historical method, and post modern methods as a rich network of interpretations. a productive conversation with my dissertation director. This is all I can muster for now. Writing a blog from my smart phone (Samsung i500) is not the easiest thing. Oh, and by the way, I did find a place to stay (on a golf course). Thanks for those who wrote me with concerns/ideas.

UPDATE: I'm here on the CARG Biblioblog session computer right now... rather surreal.


Joe Weaks said...

Hey. Sounds like the hotel is working out well. And like your brain is getting massaged. Excellent. I talked about you in the sermon today, hope you'll forgive me because I've no doubt you'll get comments. Soak in Philly. Drink the free stuff. -D.

Joe Weaks said...

Uhm... that was my wife, Dawn, making those comments above.