November 07, 2005

National Geographic Channel: Science of the Bible

The schedule for new episodes of National Geographic Channel's Science of the Bible has been released. Dr. Carolyn Osiek is consultant/participant in the following:

The Last Supper11/2
Jesus' Arrest11/16
Jesus' Tomb11/23
Mary Magdalene12/21
The First Christians12/7
I often find it difficult to accept the sensationalism in these TV programs, but I suppose in general I have to be glad that there's some good stuff in there.

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Thomas P Kinsella said...

Dear Science of the Bible.
Am referring to your program on The Book of Revelations. You maintain that St John was dead before the book was written and that the Greek was much poorer than in his Gospel. So essentialy then you feel that St John did not write it.
Well St John was the youngest of Christs Apostles and between 18 and 21 years old when Christ was crucified in 33 AD. If as you say, the Book of Revelations was written in 95 AD, then he would have been only 80 to 83 years old in 95 AD. Of course he probably dicatated the manuscript to a scribe. And the quality of the Greek would have been his responsibility. He wrote the Apocalypse, or Book of Revelations on the prison island of Patmos. Since this was a Roman prison quite possibly there were few literate and fluent Greeks on Patmos.
Therefore I feel that St John did take a personal hand in the writing of this Book of the Bible
Thomas P Kinsella