April 01, 2007

Conformance: The Only Bible Software You Need

Yes, version 4.1 of the application debuted on 4/1 for a reason. As always, the April 1 post receives a large increase in stat activity. The application is good for a chuckle, so it's still available as a Universal Binary if you're inclined to take it out for a spin. Cheers.

As some of my closest friends have known for months, I have been developing my own bible software package. I feel that in the mix of all the bible software wars, the true essentials of the text and the truths that define its interpretation are getting lost. It is with this motivation that I decided to create a new bible software application for the Macintosh... "Conformance". Conformance cuts through all the bells and whistles and takes one straight to the only text(s) you need to know. It runs on OS X 10.2+ and runs as native Intel universal binary and is Applescriptable. The features are limited for now, but growing.

The beta version has reached b4.1 and it's time to open it up to public testing. It's free, so you have nothing to lose. Give it a try and tell me what you think.

The universal binary of Conformance Bible Software is now available here.


David said...

I didn't get that this was a joke. I was like, whats up with all of the pat robertson quotes. Then I was like, where are all of the features? Then I reread the post and I was like, hehehehehhe.

Good stuff!

Guntis said...

But the idea wasn't bad at all...
If this program could read Unicode text properly, it would have ral usage for me! I cannot import Latvian Bible text in Accordance, because it cannot handle Unicode. If this small app could, I would be grateful.