March 22, 2006

Sacred Destinations

Friend and blogger Jason Jones of The Back Streets of Heaven has pointed out a site called Sacred Destinations, a travel guide with photos of sacred sites, pilgrimages, religious buildings, and sacred places around the globe. It is a wonderful concept and well done, and includes links to web resources for each site as well as interactive maps. Ido think it could use more pictures, in my opinion.

Of course, reliance upon such a resource alone is not adviseable, for it is bound to be incomplete in contrast to a published book. For instance, when browsing Turkey, there is no page covering Priene, Miletus, and Didyma, which I might argue are the biggest "must sees" on the western coast second only to Ephesus.

OK, Pergamum is extraordinary too, (especially if you've already been to the Pergamum museum in Berlin)... so, second only to Ephesus and Pergamum... or third rather.

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Walter J. Ego said...

I visited the Sacred Destinations site you mentioned and was quite disappointed. There is a lot more useful information about sacred sites and power places on New Age Travel