March 24, 2006

Thirty-Year Old Fruit

With the 30th anniversary of Apple Computers just around the corner, the Associated Press has published an article surveying the last three decades of the beloved computer company and its innovations.

Have a look at the article: Apple Computer Set to Mark 30th Birthday.

Speculation persists on how Apple may celebrate with a product launch.


Cb said...

Joe, in keeping with the 30th and our combinations of passions, see today's blog at Targuman with a special header designed by my student "Protestant Ministers Listen to iPods Too".

R. Mansfield said...

Steve must not like birthdays. There was no 20th anniversary celebration for the Mac a couple of years ago as far as I know, and there doesn't seem to be any hoopla from Apple for the 30th anniversary of the company.

Back before Steve took things over, Apple released a 20th Anniversary Macintosh (for the 20th anniversary of the company, not of the Mac), which was a very nice looking machine and came with a Bose sound system built in. Of course, in keeping with the old way of thinking at Apple, I think they initially charged $10,000 or some outrageous sum that included delivery and setup. Later they came down in price. I've always thought they would make a good "kitchen computer" or something like that.

But no 30th anniversary celebration. Steve's moved too far away from his former party days.