September 21, 2010

Services and scripts for Accordance 9

Updated: As far as I know, most Accordance scripts and Services are now working again as of Accordance 9.02. Please let me know if this is not the case.

Previous: Changes in the new version of Accodance have broken some of my scripts. This is common for each major release. Notice their widget is also disabled. I'm getting lots of contacts… I am aware things are broken. I can not work on a new compatible version of my script library until after a new Accordance hits the public, so sometimes it has been a matter of weeks. In this instance, you can know I will begin a new version of the Accordance Script Library once Accordance has released a version that works with their widget once again.

September 13, 2010

More Details for Accordance on iPhone

The folks at Accordance have announced the near release of Accordance 9, as well as a longer blurb about the iOS (iPhone, iPad) app that will be released: Accordance on iPhone :: Accordance

Here are the functionality details I glean from it:
• free app
• runs Accordance modules
• search and study functionality
• offline use
• edit notes
• view multiple translations
• Greek and Hebrew search and display
• access reference tools, including dictionaries, keyed texts, lexicons, and photo guide
• can further narrow searches
• identical functionality across iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad (Though iPad screen is optimized for that resolution)
• simple search commands
• grammatical searches
• instant parsing
• module syncing with Accordance 9
Given all that, it looks like it will already contain all the functionality I would use 99% of the time. I have carried a bible application in my pocket for over a decade (Palm OS until my iPhone), and all I have ever needed it for was looking up verses to read and the rare, rare, rare simple word search.

September 08, 2010

Accordance Users Conference

I am working on some arrangements, as well as my workshop, and so am now really looking forward to the Accordance Users Conference coming up at the end of this month (Sept. 24-25) in Dallas. It will be a great time to interact with other users. It will be an opportunity it seems to get a first look at some new things they have in the pipeline (iPhone app demo I'm predicting!). It will be an opportunity to sit down with other users and the creators to talk through your own work in Accordance and brainstorm how to make it more effective.

Hope to see you there.