August 30, 2005

ThinkFree Office adds Hebrew support

Exciting news on the Hebrew-supported word processing front. ThinkFree Office has released a new version and they have added right-to-left language support. The small price tag and the non-proprietary formats it uses make it well worth trying out the 30-day free trial if you are currently considering your word processing solution. ThinkFree Office

So, if you're keeping track... to use Unicode Hebrew on your Mac, Micro$oft Word is OUT. Mellel, ThinkFree Office, NeoOffice/J Open Office, and Apple's Pages are IN.

August 21, 2005

OpenOffice-NeoOffice/J full article available

Well, it's good to be back. After weeks of travelling from Dallas to Houston to Oklahoma City to Portland to Atlanta, my family has ended up in our new home in Kansas City. I started last week as a pastor of a 127 year old congregation, and have just gained some sense of normalcy regarding my online activities.

After catching up on my blogroll, I wanted to pass on to folks a great article explaining how OpenOffice might be a solution for you in your scholarly work, particularly if you need to work with Right-to-Left Hebrew. If you find yourself to be "open curious", definitely give the article from MacDevCenter a read.