April 12, 2013

The Consistent Failure of Assumed Consistency

This was a throw-away paragraph in my dissertation, an aside on the difficulties predicting how a source text is used, but in re-reading it, I think I like it very much.

Historians know that they can not normalize historical anomalies and occurrences. History is messy. Things happen with little rhyme or reason, alongside things that take place with long-anticipated intentionality and preparation. An author's use [or creation of a text] is an historical occurrence. Assuming a consistent intentionality [throughout the process] is not grounded in the human experience. Scribes skip lines when copying. Redactors are inconsistent in making changes ("writer's fatigue"). An author, in the process of intentional use of material, is also affected by the size of the page, and a child's interruptions, and the gash on the writing surface, and a sympathy towards a particular character, and the lateness of the hour. Alongside the intentions of the redactor fall these random historical realities that shape the resulting text… Just as it is impossible for an historian to explain the logic and reason behind everything that happens in a period that she is researching, so is it impossible to [fully discern how a text used its sources] from a limited set of presumptuous, consistent criteria.  (Weaks, Mark Without Mark, 2010)

April 01, 2013

New 70x7 app for iOS

I am proud to join with project partners in announcing that our new app has now been submitted to the App Store and should be available within ten days. For months now, I've been working with the team at Dub Tech Solutionizing on a new niche market tracker app. As we continue to rely on our mobile devices to record and track and maintain the most up to date personal information we use in our daily lives, we can keep track of a greater number of things in our phone previously thought to be practically prohibitive. 

We are excited to be first to market in what we anticipate will grow into a brand new niche app category, the forgiveness tracker. Our forthcoming app, Seventy times Seven, is designed to be an all-inclusive app that counts and keeps track of all your forgiveness-related activity. With ease of entry and predictive technology, you can now literally keep track of how many times you have offered forgiveness. The app is designed to be 100% compliant with Matthew 18:22. The features include:
  • Real-time gross and net forgiveness count
  • Forgiveness recipient profiles (to help ensure no individual is taking advantage of you)
  • Scenario suggestions (which uses your history to predict future forgiving scenarios)
  • Compassion randomizers (which enable you to avoid Forgiveness Rut Syndrome)
  • Endgame motivators (which reward progress as you get closer to the place where you don't have to forgive any longer)
Look for the app in the days ahead. We'll announce here when it goes live. Current plans are for versions compatible with Handspring Visor through Apple iOS 6. There are no plans for an Android version, as these users tend to be an unforgiving bunch collectively.