April 01, 2015

Finding and Killing Jesus Documentary

I just learned about yet another Christian documentary this Easter season. MTV has announced a 2 1/2 part series debuting three days after Easter. Following the success of the offerings from CNN (“Finding Jesus”), National Geographic (“Killing Jesus”) and The History Channel (“Siege of Masada”), MTV’s documentary will air:
“Finding and Killing Jesus: Not far from Masada”.

Jane Elbib of TVGuide.com says,
In the days leading up to Easter, networks seem to be doing what they do best—see one thing work for the competition and rush their own copycat version to market. Last year’s “The Bible” from the History channel did well, and so here we are.
Personally, I’m a bit interested just because of their unique approach. The production notes say that the show will do what MTV does best, pushing the envelope, by covering topics such as:
-how much lumber could one lord lug if one lord could lug lumber,
-how could Jesus' family tomb end up under a Roman ramp, as well as
-what kind of candy a guy like Jesus would’ve preferred.
Academic consultants for the project include:
I first heard of the show when a friend retweeted Susanne Daniels, MTV’s head of programming, who tweeted: “It was either this or running music videos.”