April 01, 2014

An Anxious Ale is Now Published

After many grueling nights getting the drafts finished and the proofs proofed, I'm happy to announce that final proofs were accepted and my book is finally published.

"An Anxious Ale:  A post-colonial survey of the semiotics of beer and other fermented consumables in the Bible."
by Dr. Joseph A. Weaks

I'm pleased with the results. The central chapter on foam and the Holy Spirit, I hope, will represent a sea change on the contextualization of PNEUMA. I even like how the cover turned out. The mug is the Shinerus Flagon from the dig at Miletus in 1999. The book will be available for Kindle April 21, and to ship in print in May.

It has been a long journey on this project, which began with an idea scribbled on a napkin at the Flying Saucer in downtown Fort Worth years ago. I'm grateful to Heidelberg Academic Press for accepting the project and to the Eltsac-Wen Fellows Program for the grant.
I also want to thank my many colleagues who have walked by my side during years of research on this topic. Your support and companionship has meant everything.