September 23, 2013

New Combined Unicode Greek/Hebrew SBL Font

Happy to see that the Society of Biblical Literature has released a combined unicode font that includes both their previous work on Greek and Hebrew type faces. SBL Font Resources 
The individual Greek and Hebrew fonts should now be available only for legacy reasons, and it'd be nice for them to indicate as such on their font page.
This one SBL BibLit font now includes the full ranges for Greek, Hebrew and transliteration diacritics. I am comforted to see they included proper symbols for the Text Critical Symbol range U+2E00 to U+2E17, and even other useful TC symbols such as Alef Symbol at U+2135 and the Mathematical Fraktur Capitals U+1D510 𝔐 M for majority text and U+1D513  U+1D52D 𝔭 p for papyrus.
I still am not a fan of the font face which by quick look seems to remain basically unchanged. The slanted glyphs simply score low on the readability scale.