October 14, 2010

What Books Are You Preaching From?

This week during seasonal sermon planning I did some investigation into what texts we've preached in our worship services at Raytown Christian Church in the just over five years we've been there. My partner Dawn and I are co-pastors, and we plan all the worship themes and preaching texts together, though we alternate the preaching duty each week.
After reviewing the texts from the last 266 sermons, I was at first stunned that we had only preached from 34 books. For three years we used the Revised Common Lectionary (which does not cover each book), and then for two+ years we have organized individual series, planned out months in advance. Here is a cloud representation of the books we've preached from, the relative size indicating the amount of times we've preached from it. It has been a helpful exercise, informative future sermon planning.

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