August 10, 2020

Accordance Better Touch Tool Preset

 For those who use Better Touch Tool to customize the Touch Bar on a MacBook Pro, I created a preset that contains a load of triggers for Accordance.

You can download the preset at the BTT community forum here.

The list of triggers include:

  • New tab… various
  • Copy as… various
  • Toggle Library
  • Toggle Instant Details
  • Change current field
  • Bookmark selection
  • Highlight selection
  • Global font size up / down
  • Previous / Next Hit
  • Context Increase / Decrease
  • Reader View Toggle
  • Display as Paragraph / Verses
  • Search selection on the web
  • Lookup selection in lexicon
  • New Workspace
  • Duplicate Current Tab
  • Get Verses… function
  • An AppleScript to simply paste the current selection in the open TextEdit window (this is simple to change to Word or Pages, etc.)

You will want to disable the ones you don't use. I'd suggest turning off the Control Strip to give more room for the Accordance-specific triggers.

July 26, 2020

Touch Bar Customizations for Accordance

Here is a quick video to show off how I've customized the Touch Bar on my MacBook Pro to work well with Accordance Bible Software. You may want to view it in YouTube for best results.

In general, I only find the Touch Bar useful in specific contexts. I'm now using BetterTouchTool to customize the Touch Bar. If there is interest in this setup for Accordance, I can see about sharing the preset.

April 01, 2020

New position

I am pleased to make public that I have accepted the positions of Campus Chaplain and Associate Professor of Religion at the University of Farmington.