May 01, 2005

Macintosh Bible Software Survey

David Lang of the Christian Macintosh User Group (CMUG) has asked me to post the announcement for his now annual software review.

How do all of the [new developments, such as improvements to Accordance, MacSword, Bible Reader Free, and iLumina, as well as the announcements from QuickVerse and Logos to deliver Mac products] affect you, the Mac Bible Software user? How aware are you of the different products that are available? How well do they meet your needs? That's what this survey is designed to find out.
Find the survey here.

P.S. For the several of you who have asked, my followup reflection on the Logos announcement is still in the mill.

1 comment:

Don Bromley said...

i'm pretty much committed to Accordance at this point. i'm a new mac-user within the last year. before that i'd been using bibleworks. i like the look and feel of accordance better, but haven't learned all the features yet. i'm looking forward to the release of the Word biblical commentary for Accordance next year.