July 15, 2005

Anunciación un Nuevo Biblioblog

The Macintosh Biblioblog has a rather small niche, I think, and I leave the larger, wider (and important) issues to the broader bibliogloggers, including announcing new blogs. However, noone has mentioned so I would like to draw attentnion to "Mi Convivencia Teológica" (My theological coexistence), David Ford's blog. David is an intelligent man... despite the fact that he passed me in a recent exam, this is evidenced by his smart customizations on his template, his use of unicode in his posts, his breadth of topics he's blogged on so far, and his recent move to local hosting (off of blogspot).

I have suggested to David that his blog is incredibly valuable. As a NT professor in Peru, Ecuador, Columbia he is poised to make us aware of the state of biblical studies in the academic and ecclesiological context from Latin American where some of the most invigorating theological discourse is taking place.

I have about run out of options for finding money/roomate/logistics to go to SBL this year in Philly, so won't be at the much-talked-about session on biblioblogs, however, I think that one would do well to mention this as exactly one of the core benefits of this medium of the blogosphere. Scholars are able to stay abreast of a current and dynamic digest of an aspect and perspective of biblical studies otherwise overlooked. I think of many of my feed links a CNN-Headline news on one particular area of interest.

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