October 23, 2005

Accordance on a Sony PSP

Oh well uh, you might think I'm crazy, but...

As some of you know, Accordance Bible Software runs beautifully on Mac OS X. But, it also runs all the way back on system 7. The reason they do this is that in this way Accordance also runs on Windoze boxes using the Basilisk emulator which emulates system 7.
If you ask any Mac software developer about an OS X app that is also still supported on system 7, they'll laugh in your face. That's just how impressive it is that they do this.

Well, a gear head has been tweaking basilisk II to run on his Sony PSP. He has it running at least. Could this mean the eventual possibility of toting Accordance around on a Sony PSP? Could this mean I'd have a reason to buy a PSP using my professional expense account?
How cool it would be. (Yes, the image is a mock-up. You could tell by the fact that it is an aqua screen shot, not a classic one. I currently have too many open processes to justify rebooting into Classic just to grab a screen capture.)

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