December 06, 2005

Apple Store Opens in Sheffield

Would you believe I've never been to an Apple Store? Strange, I know. My wife has been to a couple. There is one nearby here in Kansas City. But I note that Apple is opening their fifth store in the UK.

Looks like the Sheffield phenomenon can now Apple-ize. Have a look at the Apple Store Meadowhall, if you're nearby.

Now with pictures:
I don't really know why I'm covering this Apple store opening; perhaps I'm pining for my first visit to one. I have read that these store openings truly are a sight to see. Blogger Nik has pictures from the store opening at Sheffield.

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Jason said...

I was in the Apple store in St. Louis a few weeks ago, and I was playing around with a keyboard they had hooked up to a Mac. I was playing around with different sounds on Garageband--making some dance club bass lines. I quit, and one of the workers in the store said, "No, don't stop. Get all Jan Hammer with it." It took me awhile to place it, but Jan Hammer was the guy who did the Miami Vice theme song.