April 15, 2006

Email Overload Got You Down?

Between family and friends, intra-office memos, collegial correspondence, students/parishioners and more (please don't mention listservs too)... sometimes I feel like my email inbox can become an insurmountable force squelching my productivity. I gain some help from use of filters and the like, but there's so much more to learn it seems. For many moons now, I've been benefitting from Merlin Mann's sage advice over on 43 Folders. The last couple months he has been blogging a series on making through your overloaded email inbox: 43 Folders Series: Inbox Zero.

There are some real gems posted in the series. The email dash has worked for me, and the focus on next action issues that come from the GTD approach.

Everyone's [email overload] situation is different, but if you're wanting to feel better about how you handle email, you're bound to glean much from the Inbox Zero articles.

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