October 03, 2006

Quicksilver Actions for Accordance

After some work, and feedback from others, I can make available to a wider audience a set of Quicksilver Actions that interact with Accordance. I have maintained from time to time a script database called InterCord which uses Mac OS X technologies to enhance the inter-application experience with Accordance. Problem is, I rarely find the time to polish the scripts and such enough so that they'll work on other's machines.
Well, if you are a user of Quicksilver and Accordance, you'll love these. If you don't yet use Quicksilver, this may convince you. Essentially, this bundle of Quicksilver Actions enables you to do things like pull the selected scripture reference from a document and have QS paste the text into your front document, or otherwise process it. The actions also allow you to use any text and display a search for it in any Accordance tool of your liking.
What's that? You're reading a PDF or a web page about the proximity of Shechem to a mountain pass? Just highlight shechem and in 5 or so keystrokes you can have Accordance to the front, displaying Shechem in a Map window. I'm not kidding you.

Or, want to quickly, insert the text of Psalm 20 into your current document. It's a all right at your fingertips, and true to the beauty of Quicksilver, never taking your fingers off the keyboard. Such a workflow becomes pure muscle memory.

The Quicksilver Actions are now a part of the whole Accordance Script Library. You can download it in the downloads section.

There are many more options. Have a look at the detailed ReadMe file here:
Accordance Quicksilver Actions ReadMe
You may download these Accordance Quicksilver Actions here:
Accordance Quicksilver Actions Download
If it ever happens, I'll get more of the InterCord modules ready for public consumption. Next step will be to release the Automator Action... the Word plug-in... and generic versions of these scripts that can work from anywhere--the script menu of any app, including the slightly less powerful Launchbar or Butler. I have all these working OMM (on my machine), it just takes so much time to get them ready to work on others' machine as well with minimum heartache.


Jason Kovacs said...

Brilliant!! I have been using QS for 3-4 months now and it is indispensible! Can't wait to try out the Accordance scripts! Glad I found your blog.

Ben said...

Well done, mate. Very helpful – bringing together two of my favourite loves.

Chris said...

You are the most amazing superstar! Thanks so much for these - I am a Quicksilver junkie and have always wished Accordance could be hooked in.

Jason Kovacs said...

Been using it like mad. THANK YOU!

Daniel said...

I'm not at all sure, but I think that every time I use the paste from GNT script, it buggers up my Greek font and I have to run Font Fixer. Any thoughts?

Joe Weaks said...

Hi Daniel,
That's not really a possibility. All the script is doing is automating a Command-C copy command and a Command-V paste command at the most. It never does anything with the fonts or whatnot.

Unknown said...

Have been using your quicksilver actions for Accordance with pleasure for the past few months. They're really fantastic.

In the past week or so, though, I've started having problems pasting Hebrew text into MSWord. Not TextEdit or WriteRoom, just Word. Hebrew text gets reversed once pasted into a Word doc. Individual words remain as they should be, but the order of the words is reversed. It's really very strange. The only thing I can think of is that there was an update to Quicksilver a week or two ago...could this have broken something? Any advice about how I might fix it?

It's a sign of how indispensable your scripts have become for me that I'm really at a loss now that they're broken. Any advice you've got would be very gratefully received.

Joe Weaks said...

What are your Copy settings for Hebrew in the Accordance preferences? The Quicksilver actions use those settings. Are you working with Unicode characters? Cause don't forget that Word for Mac does not do Right-to-Left Unicode Hebrew. In fact, the problem you're describing, word order correct but characters within words are juxtaposed, sounds like what happens when pasting Unicode R-t-L Hebrew into Word for Mac.

Fuck You, Fuck You, Penguin said...

Hi there- I just recently stumbled across your actions in the Accordance forums, and first off I want to say thank you! I just had a quick question- in the Accordance display action, if I type something like John 1:1-5, I only get two lines, cutting out in the middle of verse 3. The strange thing is if I enter John 1:1ff I get a much longer display (around v. 12). Do you know why that would be? I run 10.3.9 and Quicksilver B36.

Thanks for any help!

Joe Weaks said...

It tests correctly for me. What module is your first module (ie. the one the action is using?).
Are you getting the same amount of text for John 1:1-5 and Rev. 3:10-15 and others ? Feel free to email me with follow up.

Robert Alvianus said...

Really great idea that you wrote about QS. Me myself feel more comfortable using QS as a shortcut to everything in my mac..


Walton said...

It would be awesome to have a quicksilver verse insertion trigger for Macsword. Macsword has verse insertion, but it only works in Cocoa apps. I want one for Neooffice, but I can't figure it out.

Ute & Christian said...

Great stuff. Thx

Ute & Christian said...

Somehow Accordance Verses.scpt doesn't work. I use the latest version of Accordance with Mac 10.5.5

Any help out there? The other scripts are working fine ...

Ute & Christian said...

A quick hint: ctrl+⌘+backspace makes looking up scriptures sooo fast. It works with every given document.

Ute & Christian said...

I'm trying to switch over to Launchbar for reliabilty. Could you send me the stuff you've made for it?

Ute & Christian said...

Now I could make your skripts here work for Launchbar. Drop me a line on our blog if you are interessted.

Ute & Christian said...

Posted my version for LaunchBar in the Accordance Forum. Thanks for helping with the german book names


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Unknown said...

Is there any chance these QS actions could be updated to work with Accordance 9? I can't seem to get them to work since upgrading to Accordance 9.

Joe Weaks said...

New Quicksilver Actions: