November 13, 2006

Run Your (SBL) Presentation Off of an iPod

Mark Goodacre has posted his now annual helpful advice on using technology for presentations. His main point is worth reiterating--be prepared. Outside presenters show up at our church for various events sometimes with fantastical expectations regarding media use. One thing is for sure, have a backup of your presentations/handouts and alternatives for "plugging in". I always email the text of current-project documents to myself when I leave town so I can access them anywhere, including my smart phone or any internet cafe. However, I would add alternative presentation method 4.5 to Mark's list... Put your presentation on your iPod and run the show from it. In fact, how superior is this to toting around a laptop if all you have it for is driving a slide show? While I've never owned an iPod myself, this looks like just the justification you may have been looking for for spending $$$ from your professional expense account on an iPod! You can learn more about the capabilities with this article at Presentation Zen. For what it's worth, I would commend the Presentation Zen Blog to anyone who ever prepares a project presentation for a group. It is superb.


charleshalton said...

I've heard of this hack before, but the only downside is that the cool transitions and other effects are lost. But, for this sacrifice it sure beats lugging a laptop!

Joe Weaks said...

True... the show gets converted to individual picture slides. You can still do one with some text... then next one adds arrows or circles etc, but you're right now fizzle out and fly in.
However, in most cases, presentation gurus are saying don't do any of that eye-candy.
I just might go looking for $300 in my expense account, hehe.