January 10, 2007

liveWorship goes Universal Binary

When I first learned of liveWorship, I had the thought, "Why do I want a song database and presentation software designed specifically for worship presentations when I can do all this with non-subject specific software I already have?" It's not like I need a web browser for visiting my financial sites and another one for looking at youtube pictures (come to think of it... that's why I don't use Widgets either... I'd just assume bring up the page in a browser.) My basic thought hasn't changed, but perhaps it would if I spent time using the package. (But I really don't like 30-day demos... Why would I invest the time in learning the software and filling up my database only to abandon it in 30 days?) Still, I was glad to see their announcement today that they have released a Universal Binary. Since it is a cross-platform app, I was pleased to see evidence of their commitment on the Mac side of things. If anyone is familiar with the package or uses it, I'd be interested in hearing your thought.


Danny Zacharias said...

I demo'd if for church as we were hunting around for presentation software. i liked it, but it lacks some of the luster that mediashout and easyworship has- namely moving backgrounds (which can include portions from a DVD) and direct importing from CCLI. MediaShout was planning a Mac version and cancelled it after a long time because they could not get moving backgrounds on Mac for some reason. It will be interesting to see if Live Worship will be able to (it is on their todo list).


Alan said...
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Alan said...

LiveWorship has incorporated motion backgrounds with the v1.2b release in November 2005. This was improved with the v1.2 release in March 2006 and again in the October 2006 v1.3 release. CCLI text files can be dragged and dropped into the LW window or batch imported through the File>Import menu.