March 01, 2007

Kansas City Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit Popular at our Church

The Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at Union Station in Kansas City is in full swing, and it is creating quite a buzz. The Macintosh Biblioblog gets several hits a day from folks looking for info on the KC Qumran exhibit. My church folks are very interested. I just completed leading a three-week study at my church "on the Dead Sea Scrolls". It had 50 attendees and they were all very enthusiastic throughout the discussions. Mostly what I did was survey the history of the finds, show slides of various scrolls/fragments/artifacts and then lead discussion through two main ways in which the finds at Qumran impact us as members of the church. One was as an occasion to explore text critical issues of scripture and the other was an exploration about what we know of 1 c. religiosity in that region.

I'm doing a one hour presentation for a group of 100 in late March as well. I enjoy such discussions and it brings back memories of climbing in the caves at Qumran.

Our church has two group visits to the exhibit at Union Station, 45 folk on March 18 and 64 folk on March 22. I'll post a review of the exhibit once I've been.

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