May 03, 2007

Open Office to Receive Renewed Energy Towards Mac OSX Native Version

Sun Microsystems has decided to contribute to the porting of Open Office to Mac OSX. What we currently have is a version available through the X11 interface (lame), and NeoOffice-J which is a java code wrapper (quite good but not 100% native). We're talking now of renewing the completion of the Aqua port of Open Office. That is great news for Mac users.

I was delighted to read one area of emphasis:

After that I could imagine that input needs to be improved e.g. for internationalized input as in input methods.
It makes me think they'll be attentive to getting right unicode Greek and Hebrew, even right to left technology.

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Jack said...

I'm a little confused. To me, NeoOffice works great! The lastest version is NeoOffice 2.1 Patch 5. It opens my files very quickly and has no issues. What can Sun do that NeoOffice hasn't already done? I guess I'm just not following here.

Peace be with you.

+ OD