October 30, 2007

Microsoft Word 2008 for Mac Sneak Peak

I have been meaning to make sure folks were aware of the sneak peaks that Microsoft has been making available of their upcoming release of Office. They are well done, and much is there to interest you in the possibilities of Word 2008 as one's word processor of choice. They've just released the 4th "peak" in the series: Office 2008 Sneak Peaks

I'm withholding final judgment, but I am impressed with several points of the upcoming software.


Ken Penner said...

Any word on its handling of Right-to-Left Hebrew?
How does its scripting compare to the Win version?

Joe Weaks said...

It is still unconfirmed (which means doesn't look promising) regarding whether the text engine they used is fully unicode rtl compliant. I bet next month we'll get the full scoop.
Scripting is awesome from Applescript... VBA unfortunately has been completely eliminated from this new version of Word for Mac.

Christopher Heard said...

Actually, it's been confirmed (by one of the development team, on the Mac Mojo blog) that "BiDi languages and Unicode support has not change since 2004." In other words, it won't handle RTL Hebrew at all without completely messing up your text.