April 11, 2008

Convert Unicode Greek to Helena Font

I am making available a Unicode to Legacy Font conversion routine I wrote last year.

This utility culls through characters of text on the clipboard and then converts any Unicode characters that fall within the Helena font characters into their Helena font equivalencies.

This has at least two uses.

1. If you use Helena in your text document, you can easily include Greek that you are pulling from another source, even if it is in Unicode characters.

2. If you encounter some Unicode Greek text, such as on a web page, you can copy it to the clipboard and then convert it to Helena encoding, suitable for pasting into the search box of Accordance Bible software.

You can download the font conversion utility here.


Anonymous said...

Wait...Accordance doesn't use Unicode??

I was giving them serious consideration...but now I'm not sure!

Joe Weaks said...

Accordance does do unicode. You can copy text in several different font encodings, including unicode.
Search boxes don't currently accept Unicode Greek/Hebrew, but I'm guessing this will soon be added.

Danny Zacharias said...

Do you have something that can do the opposite? (convert Helena to unicode)

Joe Weaks said...

It could certainly be done. depending on what you're working on, converting it to a User Tool and then copying it out "as Unicode" should do the trick.

Danny Zacharias said...

actually, I'm hoping to find a word macro or script. Scot McKnight posted on his blog a problem with fonts. I then told him Helena doesn't work on a PC, which he was saddened by as his publisher will undoubtedly use a PC. So I'm doing some quick poking around to see if I can find a Helena to unicode macro