March 30, 2009

Mind-mapping at Tech Landscape

I have for years been intrigued with Mind-mapping and Concept-mapping software offerings and the practicality of their use. I have yet to encorporate them in my work. There are great Mac apps out there, Nova Mind, Curio, etc.

I have been interested in a new blogger, Seth, who has been blogging some thinking about the subject, including reviews of solutions on the Mac. I'd recommend you have a look at Tech Landscape, if you are interested in this topic.


Ute & Christian said...

Do you know ... for Mac. Simple but great!

Dr. Seth Greenblatt said...

Thanks for the kind words regarding my blog, Tech Landscape. Over time, I will be covering both Macs and mindmapping in more depth and breadth, together with some other topics.

Also, regarding MindNode, I'll be discussing it during my Mindmapping software comparison.

Thanks again for your interest, Seth