August 10, 2009

Bible Software Review of Accordance

Accordance is such a mature and finely developed program that a full review is impossible. I certainly don't have the patience to make an attempt. Rubén Gómez of the Bible Software Review has done a great job with a review. I highly recommend it.

There are, of course, even more features to highlight. At the top of the list in my opinion are:

  • Well-thought-out keyboard shortcuts
  • Tremendous stability
  • Text display customizability
  • Advanced Grammatical Tagging of core texts
  • Ridiculous "older system" compatibility
  • Amazing user and support system


Jason A. Staples said...

I don't think I could do my scholarship without Accordance at this point. It's an incredible resource and has saved me a lot of time over the years. I totally agree with your recommendation.

Jim Barr said...

You may want to read how well BibleWorks operates on a Mac.

Dr. Keith Mathison reviewed BibleWorks for Ligonier Ministries:

Rick said...


Most Windows programs will run just fine under emulation on a Mac. So, Keith's comments there aren't really a surprise.

He also did a review of Accordance, which you can view here. Although, I think his limited experience with Accordance kept his review from being as comprehensive as Ruben's.

Jim Barr said...

From what I gather, Keith had never used BibleWorks before so his experience with both software tools was what he figured out "out of the box".


Rick said...

Hi Jim,

From the first sentence under Keith's heading, "Evaluation":

I have used BibleWorks regularly since 2003…

Don't get me wrong, I thought Keith did a good job in his review of Accordance (and BW8 for that matter). My comment was not meant to criticize Keith, but actually to support Joe's recommendation of Ruben's review. Ruben has been doing software reviews for a longer period of time, and has more experience. So, naturally, his review of Accordance was more comprehensive.

Jim Barr said...

You are right. I forgot. He did have an older version (BibleWorks 6) so he was familiar with the basics. Ruben has done reviews of BibleWorks as well. Good to see how the Lord has blessed the efforts of both companies and through them helped so many study God's Word with greater effectiveness.


Joe Weaks said...

One thing I think would be VERY helpful is a feature comparison chart like Redlex has done WP's.

Donovan said...

I agree, Rubén Gómez's review is one of the best I have read. However, one of the HUGE issues with Bible software if you are engaged in coursework is what are the materials available on that platform? Understandably, it is very hard to cover everything without lengthening the review substantially, but software is only one part of the equation... content is the other. Fortunately, for many the Accordance offering is brilliant and will not be a concern.

Anonymous said...

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A.D. Riddle said...

Joe, what is Advanced Grammatical Tagging?

Joe Weaks said...

I mean the secondary classifications on some parts of speech:
[PRONOUN correlative]
[PRONOUN demonstrative]
[PRONOUN demonstrative substantival]
[PRONOUN indefinite]
[PRONOUN interrogative]
[PRONOUN possessive]
[PRONOUN reflexive]
[PRONOUN relative]
[PRONOUN relative indefinite]
[PRONOUN relative definite]
[PRONOUN reciprocal]
[PRONOUN personal intensive]
[PRONOUN personal first]
[PRONOUN personal first singular]
[PRONOUN personal first plural]
[PRONOUN personal second]
[PRONOUN personal second singular]
[PRONOUN personal second plural]
[PRONOUN personal third]
[CONJUNCTION continuative]
[CONJUNCTION correlative]
[CONJUNCTION disjunctive]
[CONJUNCTION interrogative]
[CONJUNCTION copulative]
[CONJUNCTION inferential]
[CONJUNCTION explanatory]
[CONJUNCTION adversative]
[CONJUNCTION imperatival]
[CONJUNCTION conditional]
[CONJUNCTION locational]
[CONJUNCTION equative]
[CONJUNCTION comparative]
[CONJUNCTION resultive]
[CONJUNCTION concessive]
[CONJUNCTION temporal]
[CONJUNCTION recitative]
[CONJUNCTION purposive]
[CONJUNCTION coordinating]
[CONJUNCTION subordinating]
[PARTICLE alternating]
[PARTICLE indefinite]
[PARTICLE interrogative]
[PARTICLE emphatic]
[PARTICLE negative]
[PARTICLE comparative]
[PARTICLE contingent]
[PARTICLE aramaic]
[PARTICLE hebrew]