September 29, 2012

Accordance Automation

Accordance Inter-application Automation is back.

Available the new version of the Accordance Script Library and OS X Services, as well as new Quicksilver Actions and the addition of a Microsoft Word Plugin—all rewritten to work with OS X 10.7+ and Accordance 10.

Find the Accordance Automation Tools in the Downloads section of the Macintosh Biblioblog.

You use Accordance and you love it. What could be better? Instant access to Accordance Texts and Tools from whatever app you're using on your Mac.

"What's that? You're reading a PDF journal article or a web page about the proximity of Shechem to a mountain pass? Just highlight shechem and in one keystroke or menu selection you can have Accordance to the front, displaying Shechem in a Map window. I'm not kidding you."

"Or, want to quickly, insert the text of Psalm 20 into your current document, from the translation of your choosing? It's all right at your fingertips, and never taking your fingers off the keyboard if you like. Such a workflow becomes pure muscle memory."

These tools allow you to:

A. instantly jump to Accordance from any other app running a search in any module type you want, using the current text selection or a search text you enter.


B. remain where you are in your current application and paste in a full text instantly, from whichever text-module you want, using a text selection or search text you enter, without ever bringing Accordance to the front. (This is similar to the Accordance Widget, but with seamless integration.)

Other options include speaking text, copying it to the clipboard, and showing the text in a quick display.

These functions are initiated by quick key combos, or menu items, or contextual menu items. Your choice. The Services are a built-in automation tool in Mac OS X. The Services menu is found in the app menu, or in a contextual menu. Further, you can assign global or app-specific keyboard combos to activate them.  (The functions of the Service are duplicated by the Quicksilver Actions for those who use Quicksilver.)

Download the package, and read the documentation in the ReadMe files, with screenshots, to get more information of the magic that is possible.


Unknown said...

I'm guessing these updated scripts won't work with Accordance 9? I haven't updated to 10 yet, and probably won't for a few months, but many of the older Accordance Scripts don't work for me at the moment.

Joe Weaks said...

You'd be best off with the previous version of the script library. However, the Insert Services will work... just not the ones that Display in Accordance, since I had to rewrite the library to adapt to the new menu struction in Acc10.

Chris J. Petty said...

Thank you very much for the hard work. This is all very helpful to me. I am having one problem. After highlighting a Scripture reference within a Pages document, I am attempting to Insert Verses ESVS using Quicksilver. I am receiving the following error within Accordance: "There are not enough characters in the entry "A" to know which book is meant." After I click OK, Accordance quits "unexpectedly." Am I doing something wrong?

Joe Weaks said...

If you search for "A 3:1" in Accordance, you'll see the same error message. (Though it won't crash. The crash is a bug in Accordance that has already been reported.)

The question is, are you getting this error no matter what text you send to the QS Action? What text reference are you typing in? Feel free to email me to discuss further.

Chris J. Petty said...

I have tried Matthew 4:2 and Luke 2:1-4 and Gen 1:1. I receive the same error each time. I would have emailed you, but I couldn't find your address. Thank you very much for the help.

Thank you,

Joe Weaks said...

That is a fascinating bug.
Does Insert Verses 1st work? Insert Verses 2nd? Any other Insert Verses NamedModule?
I put my email on the site sidebar you can use.

Things I'd ask... you can respond on email:
You have Accordance 10?
Your process is:
You are in a text area, invoking QS, typing period, typing Gen 1:1, hitting tab, typing something like insesv to get to the Insert ESVS Action, then hitting return, and you're getting the error?

Is your system US? Can you verify for me the short name of the ESVS module is in fact ESVS? I don't have the module.

Joe Weaks said...

I see. The issue is a bug with using the Grab command in Quick Silver to get the text selection... doing so makes the window inactive, and hence, unable to paste the resulting text into it. You'll have to type the text into QS, not into the document first.

michael said...
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Jon said...

As a workaround for the Quicksilver bug affecting the Insert Verses... scripts, the following few lines of code can be inserted immediately at the start of the process text handler in the scripts:

tell application "System Events"
set FrontApp to (bundle identifier of (processes whose frontmost is true)) as text
end tell
tell application id FrontApp to activate