March 31, 2005

Bible Software on the Mac

I've not to date dedicated an article to what bible software I use and recommend, I suppose mostly since I doubt any Macintosh Biblioblog reader doesn't already know. Accordance has been the lifeblood of my bible study for quite some time. Accordance Logo It has through the years maintained an innovative and incredibly powerful feature set and searching capability unparalled by anything available on any platform to date. The pairing with the Macintosh OS has of course been an added treat, but I hope y'all know that Accordance runs quite well on a PC with a simple emulation solution.

My mention of this was prompted by my thoughts on recent announcements regarding PC companies deciding to enter the Mac market. I was pleased to hear that Quickverse was introducing a Mac version of bible software. It gives creedence to the platform, and competition enhances tools in general. But ever since hearing that Logos has chimed in with a "me too" announcement regarding Mac software, my enthusiasm became more mixed with a sense of bother that I've yet to be able to articulate for myself. I've been trying to understand my reaction over the last couple days... I think I'll sleep on it one more night. In the meantime, I sure am enjoying hearing your comments.

Also, in the meantime, if for some bizzare reason you are unfamiliar with Accordance, have a look at their flash demos to get a feel for the thing.


David said...


I'm delighted that Logos will be on the Mac platform. Why - before I moved to Mac 3 years ago I invested thousands of dollars on reference works that I can now use on my Mac. I, too, have found the best program in Accordance, but like commentaries I find that they don't replace each other, but compliment.
I've given up on Virtual PC and am delighted that I won't have to maintain 2 systems.

Rick Mansfield said...

I agree. Although I've been an Accordance user since I switched to the Mac in 1998, I've often been a bit envious of some of the reference materials that are available for Windows, but not the Mac. I hope that the entrance of Logos into the Mac market just reflects the fact that the number of Mac users is growing and won't become a threat to Accordance. I would be more than happy to run both Accordance and Logos on my system if necessary. Some of the modules I have for Accordance such as the IVP Reference Library, is also available through Logos. But, I'm not going to turn around and buy it again for Logos just so I can run everything from one program. However, there are a number of Logos tools that in all honesty will never be available through Accordance. I will be glad to run both on my Macs, and I hope that Logos brings a healthy spirit of competition and choice to Bible software on the Mac platform.