March 03, 2005

Bookends 8 offers over 50 changes

The bibliographic software Bookends has release version 8, whose changes include a new interface, new views, smart-autoupdating searches, and enhanced interfacing with some internet resources such as Library of Congress. In the last discussion of Bookends, Ken raised the question whether the smaller number of custom fields available in Bookends (compared to Endnote) can really handle SBL/JBL, JSOT, Biblica, VT/NT, CBQ, etc. formats. I'd still like to have some confirmation on this myself. (I guess now we'll find out if Sonny Software reads this blog. :)


Jon said...

Hi. Um, I don't normally read this blog, but it was pointed out to me, with a question about whether Bookends can handle the formats for biblical scholarly journals. Unfortunately, my reply to him kept bouncing. So I'll post my answer here, if that's OK:

"Do you know if Bookends can publish the various journal styles mentioned there?"

Probably, but I'm not familiar with them at all. You can post a query on this on our forum ( -> Forum tab). We have a fair number of biblical scholars who use Bookends, largely because of the connection with Mellel. Perhaps you can get an answer there.

Of course, creating formats with Bookends isn't very difficult. If you want to make one or more, take a look in the User Guide. I can also help if you need it.

Sonny Software

Joe Weaks said...

Um, I'd call this pretty responsive on Sonny Software's part.
I'm not sure I understand everything he was saying, but as Jon suggested, I posted the question on the Bookends forum. We'll see if we can get an answer here.

Anonymous said...

I have tried to create SBL Handbook of Style formats for both EndNotes (7 & 8) and Bookends (7 not 8) with some but not complete success. A variety of issues remain, and I will identify only one. SBL requires abbreviations for journals and for many standard reference works. Both programs, if memory serves, allows automatic switching from full to abbreviated forms via glossaries. So far so good. It limits this capability, however, to journal formats, so the switch cannot be made automatically in book and other formats. I promised to experiement again when Bookends 8 appeared and will do so (I currently use EndNote with both Mellel and Word, but would prefer to use Mellel-Bookends.) If successful, I will report and share format. If interested in joint effort, reply to

Anonymous said...

I have an SBL style for EndNote that works quite well; only a few things can't be done with it or need to be corrected in a final paper cleanup.

Anonymous said...

I would like to use Bookends, but alas it does not properly support MLA style parenthetical references.

Joe Weaks said...

This does seem to be the case. A search of the sonny software forums for "parenthetical" comes up blank. Also, a quick search for "parenthetical in the User Guide also reveals nada. Further, no paragraph in the User Guide with the word "parentheses" makes mention of using parenthetical references as in MLA style.