November 17, 2005

When researching at your desktop, don't forget the Drag-n-Drop

Whenever you find yourself doing this: highlight, copy, switch windows, click, paste, switch back, repeat...
Don't forget that often an easier workflow is to arrange your windows so that you can drag-n-drop text from one window to another. Rob of macosxhints fame has just posted an article at Macworld that surveys all kinds of great inter-application goodness you can accomplish by with drag-n-drop and a chunk of text.

One behavior he explores is to drag-n-drop text onto different applications in the dock. Start trying it out and see what happens.


R. Mansfield said...
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R. Mansfield said...

Two thoughts:
1. This is why I love my widescreen 17" PowerBook.
2. Also, I like how the Mac tends to generally allow the far right side of the desktop to remain visible. Graphics I have saved to the desktop can then easily be dragged and dropped into a document.