May 12, 2008

b-b-beta fever

I bought VMWare Fusion last December to load on my office computer (since our church management software is Windoze only). I've only just gotten around to installing, prompted by WMWare's release of the new beta 2.0. I installed via Bootcamp first, and the first time I saw that "Windows XP" load screen on my beautiful MacBook, I confess I had a little gag reflex. Still, everything worked perfectly... I booted into Windows, played one round of solitaire (which is all I ever see people using Windows for), and then installed Fusion. This application allows me to run Windows apps I must have right alongside my Mac apps.

As I looked down at my dock, I notice that half of my apps are in beta (I can't confirm some, hehe). Here's a screenshot of me running the new beta of Firefox and OpenOffice in Windows on a virtual machine in the new Fusion Beta. (None of which is necessary since both of them run native on OS X now.)


greg said...

This is kinda off topic, but is there any functional reason for having Quicksilver show up in the dock?

Ed said...

I can totally relate; I don't have Parallels running on my Mac (though I do own a Parallels license) but when I set it up on a client's Mac, there was something really weird and sort of disgusting about it. The same was true on the Boot Camp version.

Of course, my experience was bigger than yours: this particular client has a Dual 3Ghz Core2Duo Mac Pro with dual 23" Apple Cinema Displays-- so the Win XP boot-up was very "in your face."

Joe Weaks said...

That's funny you mention the QS icon... I never keep it showing in the Dock. I revealed it in the Dock specifically for the screenshot, since it is also an app that is (forever) in beta.

greg said...

aha- I wasn't sure if I missing some hidden Quicksilver love. You never know with that program...and its beta existence doesn't help that, either.