May 29, 2008

QuarkXPress 8 Supports OpenType/Unicode

The support for Unicode and OpenType in QuarkXPress 8 represents a vast improvement in typography, and I'm hoping represents one more step towards publishers embracing Unicode standards for language font/glyph requirements.


Danny Zacharias said...

I was very interested to read your post, as I'm a big fan of unicode. But alas, unless I missed it this won't change our neck of the academic woods yet. Looking at the supported unicode languages, they are all left-to-right languages— no Hebrew support.

Until one of these publishing sofware bundles gives good support for Hebrew unicode, I imagine the biblical studies publishers will not switch.

J. P. said...

I'm typesetting stuff for a publisher in Adobe InDesign CS3 Middle Eastern, and it works fine and offers reasonably good control over OpenType features.

Joe Weaks said...

Thank you both for those helpful comments.

Danny Zacharias said...


the project you are using CS3 ME for, are you using unicode for all fonts? I remember talking with Jim Eisenbraun a while back about the ME version, he said Eisenbraun's didn't like it, but this CS3 version came out relatively recently.

Let's hope it catches on. I'd love to see the biblical studies publishers move to full unicode compliance, and get rid of those damn SP legacy fonts.