January 01, 2009


Downloads available on The Macintosh Biblioblog

Drop some Services into place and you have global access to selecting text and quickly looking it up in Accordance via contextual menu or customizable global keyboard shortcuts. Also, the old "F-key" functionality of inserting full text into your document is a snap. Also includes Quicksilver Actions if you use that, and a plugin for Microsoft Word.

Clean Up Windows in a Non-Scriptable App
This Applescript serves as an example of changing window positions in a non-Scriptable application using User Interface Scripting.

Accordance to Pages Citation Paster
This script overcomes a shortcoming in iWorks Pages which breaks Accordance's bibliographic footnote function.

FlashCord File Converter
This droplet allows you to convert text from an Accordance analysis result into a tab delimited file for use in a flashcard program or spreadsheet.

Accordance File Type Fixer
Accordance Tool and User modules can sometimes lose their resource fork identifying the file type, disabling them from being added to Accordance. This can happen when copying a backed up file, for one. This droplet allows you to recover those modules by reassigning what module type it is.
Includes versions for PPC and Intel, including OSX Lion.